What is the purpose of a weight vest

A weight vest increases the intensity of your workout by adding extra resistance.

Weight vests are exactly what they sound like, a vest that you wear on your chest and back with small weights that can be inserted all around, front and back. Continue reading

How to deal with hunger on a diet

Hunger can be a real problem on most diets.  The very fact that you are dieting means that you have been eating too much.  And as you start to cut back on your daily food, your body starts to notice and protest.

You start to feel more hungry more often.  And hunger is a really basic human response that is hard to deny. Continue reading

Why do I get headaches on a diet

Why do I start getting persistent headaches after a couple of days on a diet?

Every time I start a calorie controlled diet, I seem to get dull but painful headaches.

My jaw also starts to get sore on one side and clicks noisily much more often than usual. What’s going on? Continue reading